Big Daddy - Rump Steak 16oz
Big Daddy - Rump Steak 16oz
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Do you want to experience the best of British beef in the comfort of your own home? Big Daddy Rump Steak is here and ready to make your meals more enjoyable. Our grass-fed steaks are matured for 28 days, making them extra tender and flavourful. 

Our 16 ounce steaks will make the best steak and chips night imaginable! Cooking for the whole family? Simply dice the steak into cubes and serve with your favourite sides, or you can even add it to a delicious stew! Cook the steak for two minutes on each side in a hot pan for medium to medium-rare. Allow the steak to rest before tucking in - it’s well worth the wait.

Enjoy restaurant-quality steaks with a more affordable price tag - it's time to make Big Daddy Rump Steak your go-to choice for delicious, flavourful meals! 

Origin: UK