Our master online butchers use time honoured methods to provide tender, delicious meat and poultry. Based in St. Austell, Cornwall and surrounded by lush soft pastures we are privileged to work with some of the finest farmers anywhere in the world, who are dedicated to producing food in a regenerative and sustainable way. Generations of craft and experience goes into rearing livestock, and the result is quite simply, better meat. We source sustainable and quality meat from our trusted farmers and ensure ethically sourced produce from farm to plate. We also deal with some of the world’s finest purveyors of meat from British and South American beef, Iberican Spanish pork, New Zealand lamb and much more.

Founded on the finest quality meat served to our valued customers at exceptional prices


    We solely source from trusted and accredited producers who breed livestock the old-fashioned way, in balance with the environment. We pay our producers a fair price they can rely on, to ensure their continued guardianship of the environment. .Our supply chain is built on trust and respect for the expertise of farmers, and we pay a fair price for their craft.

    The soft rural pastures and wild grazing of these landscapes invests the meat with quality. The natural environment from where the meat is sourced is fundamental. 

    Our trusted suppliers do things the old-fashioned way. That means high welfare standards. Our core beef range meat is always British and free range, and the animals graze on pasture and natural feeds in the great outdoors. We do not use steroids or any other anti-biotics. 

    We are proud to endorse provenance on all of our produce and we provide full meat traceability. 

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We love our meat…

With home cooking practices in mind, we realise that the quality of meat is strongly linked to the expertise and pride of the Master Butcher. Our butchery team have over 100 years experience amongst them and have a clear passion and love of quality meat. We are used to hearing the refrain, "this is how meat used to taste," as we roll back the damage of industrialised practices in food.