Serial Griller BBQ Bundle
Serial Griller Bundle
Serial Griller BBQ Bundle
Serial Griller Garlic Pork Steaks
Serial Griller BBQ Bundle
Serial Griller BBQ Bundle
lamb steaks
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Are you looking for the ultimate BBQ experience that can feed the whole family? Look no further than the Serial Griller BBQ Bundle! Whether you're grilling up burgers, ribs, or steaks, this bundle has you covered. This amazing value bundle includes everything you need to become a BBQ master. 

The Serial Griller Bundle is perfect for weekend BBQ enthusiasts and experienced pitmasters alike. The BBQ bundle includes high-quality meat that is enough to feed the neighbourhood!

Our BBQ Bundle Box includes:

Minted Bone In Lamb Steaks 900-1.1kg

Pack of pork sausages

Piri Piri Chicken breasts 1kg

Pack of 4 Prime Steak Burgers

Sirloin Steaks 4 x 6oz

Garlic Pork Steaks 4x100g

Chinese Pork Ribs 700-800g