Lush and succulent the perfect steak is good on its own or with lashings of butter and greens. Of course, there’s no need to reserve it just for special occasions like Valentines. A good steak is ideal for date nights, weeknights, and more. For the main event you can’t go wrong our juicy fresh Sirloin steaks, available on our Valentines deal, 2 x 8oz of the finest fresh 28 day matured Irish beef. Try them topped with our pepper steak or garlic butter seasonings. The dish is simple and easy to make, allowing the steak to shine while making it burst with flavour. Serve with triple cooked chips, seasonal veg and season well.
There’s nothing quite like a juicy beef steak to celebrate Valentines. But if you’re among the home cooks who don’t know how to cook a great steak, have no fear.

Here are some handy hints on how to cook the perfect steak.

  • 1: Seasoning
    Make sure you season it well, use a decent quality sea salt and cracked black pepper, also, don’t be afraid to use some other spices if you wish.
    Season the meat well on both sides about 35 to 40 minutes before cooking and always oil the meat, not the pan and finish with good quality butter for colour and flavour.
    2: Don’t cook the steak cold
    Never take the steak straight from the fridge to throw on the grill. Plan ahead, giving the meat time to reach room temperature. A cold steak will cook unevenly, potentially causing the outside to burn while the inside remains undercooked.
    3: Make sure you rest it
    A freshly cooked steak is almost too tempting, but resist the urge to dig into it right away. Steak needs time to relax, as do the fibres within it. While the meat cooks, its fibres shrink, emitting moisture and making the steak juicy. Cutting into the meat right away will cause that hard-earned moisture to spill out onto the plate, leaving a drier, less flavourful dinner.
    What to do instead: Cover the meat in foil and let it rest after cooking—five minutes, the tuck in.


See below our Steak Temperature Chart
Check out our guide below on what temperature to remove steak and what the final cooked temperature should be.

Remove from heat at this temperature Final cooked temperature

Rare 48ºC / 118ºF 50ºC / 120ºF
Medium Rare 52ºC / 125ºF 54ºC / 130ºF
Medium 58ºC / 136ºF 60ºC / 140ºF
Medium Well 62ºC / 143ºF 65ºC / 140ºF
Well Done 68ºC / 154F 70ºC / 160ºF