Beef rump roast
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If you're looking for a juicy, tender, and flavorful roast that's easy to prepare, look no further than Beef Rump Roast! With its rich and bold flavour, this lean cut of beef is sure to be an impressive centrepiece on your dinner table. Perfectly marbled and cooked to perfection, you'll love the succulent flavour of this quality roast. Enjoy the perfect meal every time with Beef Rump Roast!

Season the roast (we suggest sea salt, black peppercorn, bay leaf and thyme) and place in a large heavy-based roasting tray. Cook the meat with the fat side up in the oven. We also recommend deglazing the roasting tray to make a rich, glossy gravy. Serve this up next to buttery mash and greens for a delicious dinner.

Origin: UK